Dreaming in the Woods
Dreaming in the Woods
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Usdan's summer 2017 session will include the first stage of an ambitious three-year art commission from internationally exhibited artist and Duke University professor, Pedro Lasch. The project, entitled “Dreaming in the Woods,” launches this spring with a series of email prompts to students called Art in your inbox. Once camp begins this summer, these interactions will kick off a highly collaborative on-campus engagement between Lasch, Usdan students, faculty and staff.

Envisioning the camp itself as an art medium, participants will combine traditional techniques with socially engaged practices that resonate with the most contemporary forms of art production. Beyond introducing interested students across majors and minors to these new art forms, “Dreaming in the Woods” encourages all to treat the people, grounds, and resources at Usdan as inspiration for the creation of new works that will be exhibited and presented elsewhere.

The participating young artists will gain first-hand experience in making art for contemporary art contexts. They will learn to think of unconventional and everyday settings as fruitful sites for artistic experience and expression, and will be listed as co-authors and collaborators of the project's various segments.The foundation for all collaborations of

“Dreaming in the Woods” is a short story of the same title that artist Pedro Lasch wrote specifically for Usdan. In preparation for the 2017 session, Art in your inbox will release the story in eleven weekly segments, accompanied by original artwork inspired by the camp. Check back here every week, and you will have the full story just as camp begins in June.

Image: Dreaming in the Woods: Cover, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Most of us are young in the woods of Usdan.

Image: Dreaming in the Woods: Painting #1, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Recently, our dreams have begun to shift form, spreading beyond the forest,
smuggling imaginary friends in and out of the camp each night.