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Applications for Faculty and Staff positions at Usdan are accepted only as electronic files. They may be formatted as PDF documents, or as Microsoft Word documents.


A cover letter addressed to Ms. Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director

A current resumé.

Please email your documents to Employment@usdan.org. The subject heading for your e-mail should read: 2017 Season Employment. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.

If there is an opening for which you will be considered, we will contact you. Thank you.


An opportunity for contemporary artists and educators in music, theater, dance, visual art, writing, nature, and recreational arts. Positions open to teach summer 2017 classes.


The teacher will be responsible for the creation, implementation, teaching, and assessment of a 2, 4 or 7 week course at Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts. The course will be taught on Usdan’s campus in Wheatley Heights, Long Island, NY. 


Teachers will be passionate artists and educators with a focus growing and learning. They will seek rigorous exploration of ideas, have a willingness to try new things, and be open to and interested in feedback. They will work enthusiastically with children, with an understanding of their needs both individually and in the modern world. Usdan teachers will be flexible both in and out of the classroom and interested in collaboration with Usdan’s faculty within and across disciplines. They will be authentic, reliable, respectful, thoughtful, and organized. 


The usdan leadership institute for the arts (grades 9-12)

Tailored for Usdan's most senior students, our new leadership development program is designed to cultivate thoughtful, independent young artists and the next generation of leaders in the arts. This program is open to High School students in all majors.  Their day consists of a major, a minor, daily assemblies by student and professional artists, an Institute period and a job assignment.* The Institute period will include leadership training, sessions with visiting artists, freedom to work on individual and group projects, opportunities for community service including supervised teaching and for high school juniors, portfolio development. Members gain valuable work experience serving as guides and role models for younger students and assisting in camp programs, operations, and performances.

For more information, visit our Leadership Institute page